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Model: A0922
DescriptionAD Clear Acne Care Face Wash is well known for its gentle exfoliation that also helps you to get a toned skin. This reduces the dimension of skin pores, thus making your skin look brighter. It also lightens any pigmentation problem and leaves your skin soft and youthful.How to u..
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Model: A1295
What are Andolex-C Lozenges Honey & Lemon Lozenges?Andolex-C Lozenges Honey & Lemon Lozenges prevents and treats common cold symptoms, dry mouth and throat, and hoarseness due to voice overuse.How to use:Andolex-C lozenges Honey & Lemon should not be chewed. They should be slowly di..
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Model: A0938
Andolex-C Pastilles Wildberry 20 prevents and treats common cold symptoms, dry mouth and throat, and hoarseness due to voice overuse...
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Model: A0406
Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion 200mlHelps heal very dry skinContains: Colloidal Oatmeal..
KSh 1,600 KSh 1,800
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Model: B2171
On-the-spot treatment helps clear spots and remove dead skin cells to unblock pores, for blemishes...
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Model: B1710
DescriptionVitamin C Face Scrub utilises micro-polishing beads in a light foaming gel to deliver a stimulating exfoliation of the skin.Face Scrub helps you shed the dull, dead skin on the surface, to reveal a new glowing, youthful complexion.Brightening Vitamin C Micro Polishing Facial Scrub is an a..
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Model: B2009
Beauty Formulas Cucumber and Avocado Facial Scrub has an invigorating deep cleansing formula that gently exfoliates the skin removing dull, dead skin cells for a smoother, softer more radiant feel to your skin...
KSh 550 KSh 600
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Model: B2006
Beauty Formulas Softening Foot Lotion to relax and condition your feet. Specially formulated with the cooling and reviving properties of Menthol and Peppermint to moisture your feet leaving them soft, smooth...
KSh 540 KSh 600
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Model: B1709
Beauty Formulas Brightening Vitamin C delivers a advanced skincare range to help you reveal you rinner glow. Actively formulated with a Vitamin Complex that includes vitamin B, C & E to provide the goodness your skin need to thrive, looking bright, fresh and invigorated. Our Daily Facial Wash is..
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Model: B0978
Beauty Formulas was established in 1984 to market its own brand personal care products. Manufactured in Leeds, in the north of England. On site manufacturing, warehousing, packing, labeling and distribution, means we can deliver you quality affordably.Beauty Formulas supplies, markets and exports to..
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Model: B1999
Buy beauty formulas oil control facial wash 150ml in Bangladesh from Beauty formulas oil control facial wash is specially formulated with a foaming action to effectively control and clear the build up on the skin of excess oil and grease.With the added benefit of Witch Hazel extract kno..
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Model: B2097
Specially formulated to reduce the appearance of serious dark circles and visible puffiness around the eye area, it’s moisturizing action provides a conducive environment for healthy growth of the skin below the eye giving it a young and bright appearance...
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