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Model: C0177
Multivitamin and multimineral supplement for good healthContains 27 Essential Vitamins And MineralsSuitable for both men and women 50 years and older..
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Brand: Haliborange Model: H0330
30 Haliborange Strawberry flavoured Calcium and Vitamin D softies - Food SupplementBenefits100% NRV of Sunshine Vitamin D - Essential for the normal growth and development of bones in children. Calcium - Essential for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.Warnings or RestrictionsDo not exceed th..
KSh 750 KSh 1,150
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Model: H0022
Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is a rich source of Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids, Linoleic acid and Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which the body can only get through diet or supplements. The body converts GLA to a hormone like substance called Prostaglandin. This contributes to the maintenance of normal b..
KSh 1,700 KSh 1,900
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Model: H0584
HealthAid FemProbio is a unique formulation especially for women, containing a superior blend of 50 billion viable bacterial strains; fortified with a prebiotic (FOS), to aid optimum vaginal health, restore yeast balance and maintain urinary health...
KSh 3,000 KSh 3,200
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Model: H0185
juniorVit Tablets are designed to combat today’s modern lifestyle where children are often subjected to fast food diets, which may lack vital supplements or are not nutritionally well balanced. Junior-Vit Tablets are specially formulated to help provide many of the extra vitamins, minerals and trace..
KSh 1,300 KSh 1,500
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Model: H0414
KidzProbio Chewable Tablets is a unique formulation containing special viable strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium designed with your child’s wellbeing in mind. Together with the added benefits of Vitamin A, C, D and E; KidzProbio helps keep the digestive system in balance, provides essentia..
KSh 1,350 KSh 1,550
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Model: H0533
HealthAid Oro-tan Tablets may be of benefit to:✓ People who wish to maintain healthy skin✓ Those that want skin protection whilst on a holiday✓ People who wish to protect their skin against UV damage✓ Those who are exposed to a lot of sunlight✓ People that want to enhance a tan✓ Those who want to ac..
KSh 1,800 KSh 2,000
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Lil Lets Tampons Super Plus 16s
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Model: L0558
LIL-LETS SMARTFIT SUPER PLUS 16 TAMPONSLIL-LETS Tampons Super Plus is designed for the woman with a very heavy flow. The soft cotton expands width-ways for a better, more natural fit and the ultimate protection, care and comfort...
KSh 700 KSh 750
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Model: L0348
Lil-lets 10 Super Tampons is suitable for medium to heavy flow. Designed for comfort and confidence by women, Lil-lets tampons are super absorbent and gently expand width-ways to fit your natural shape, offering you comfortable, reliable protection...
KSh 600 KSh 850
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Model: N0470
An acne face scrub that powerfully clears blemishes and blackheads. Formulated with maximum-strength Salicylic Acid and naturally-derived Vitamin C, Neutrogena Oil-Free Foaming Scrub treat pimples and breakouts, brightens dark spots without over-drying or irritating acne-prone skin...
KSh 1,500 KSh 2,200
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Model: P0426
Hydrates & Softens rough, dry skin with natural Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E for healthier-looking, radiant skin48 hour moistureVegan-friendly - no animal ingredients or testingFree of Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, DyesAmerica's #1 Cocoa Butter BrandWorks well layering with Palmer's Cocoa But..
KSh 1,700 KSh 1,850
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Model: S1181
Sudafed Sinus-Ease Nasal Spray provides fast-acting and effective relief from congestion caused by sinusitis.Sudafed Sinus-Ease Nasal Spray works in minutes to help relieve congestion and sinus pressure caused by sinusitus, colds and allergies (including Hay Fever).A metered spray that provides up t..
KSh 1,100 KSh 1,400
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