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55 H+ Harmonie Reparateur Exfoliating Soap With Carrot Oil 200g..
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Code: 50008
55H+ Excellent Efficacy (Efficacite Extreme) is a moisturising and scented lightening Body Lotion.This new formula makes it a very high quality product, very effective in lightening and fading dark spots. For treatment or scars, sun blemishes, ageing spots, pregnancy blemishes.Result: A lighter even..
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Code: 50010
55 H+ Paris Efficacite Extreme Lightening Serum 1.66 oz Maximum Efficacy. 55H+ has elaborated a new potent whitening extract to lighten your complexion and to smooth the coloring of the skin. Active for phalanges, elbows and knees..
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Code: 50009
For all kind types skin. Soap which exfoliates, purifies, lightens and regenerates the skin. Contain small non-irritating exfoliating particles made from apricot stones. Its exfoliating action eliminates dead cells, cleaning and fully purifying the skin, allowing in to renew itse..
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Code: 50007
55H+ Harmonie Reparateur Multi Vitamin Strong Lotion with Carrot Oil - 500mlDESCRIPTION: Harmonie Reparateur 55H+ is a mult-vitamin lotion which is a treat for all skin types. It is packed with the best ingredients: Nourishing Elego Phyto Naturel, Vitamins and moisturizing agents. This rich car..
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Code: A1148
The immune system of your baby is not yet as strong and developed as that of an adults. To support your baby’s immune system from birth, we developed Abidec Immune System Support with vitamin D3. What does it contain? Abidec Immune Support combines the health benefits of vitamin D with natural fri..
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Code: A0002
Abidec Multivitamin Drops is indicated for the prevention of vitamin deficiencies and for the maintenance of normal growth and health during the early years of infancy and childhood; multivitamin supplement...
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Code: A0001
Abidec Multivitamin Syrup with Omega 3 is a delicious way of delivering essential vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids to children to support healthy growth and help maintain healthy brain function.Between the age of 1 and 5 children have specific vitamin needs to help maintain their general good health..
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Code: A0801
Accu-Chek Instant Blood Sugar Monitor has intuitive target range indicator that gives you visual reassurance if your blood glucose values are above range, in range or below range. 500 test results are stored in memory. Date and time are pre-set for faster setup. Insert a strip, apply a small blood s..
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Code: A0021
Acne-Aid Bar For Pimple-prone And Oily SkinAcne-aid Bar is a balanced blend of gentle Degreasing agent and an effective Cleanser that helps cleanse the skin Gently and Thoroughly. Due to it’s highly effective cleansing Power, Acne-aidtm bar is very useful in pimple-prone and oily skin conditions. Ac..
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Code: A0024
It works effectively to fade dark spots and blemishes left by burnt skin.Acts on the skin to fade away scars, lumpy skin and tighten large pores.Enhances the skin elasticity and firmness.Goes deep into the skin for efficient fading of scars and dark spots.Safe and suitable for all skin types for a f..
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Code: A0480
Acnes creamy wash is formulated with herbal and synthetics components that work in synergy to cleanse acne-prone skin and kill micro-organisms. This formulation removes dust and dirt, killing acnegenic bacteria present deep in the pores. It is fortified with vitamin C and E both acting as antioxidan..
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