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Acid Reflux & Heart Burn

Model: G0566
GAVISCON ADVANCE 24 provides relief from the pain and discomfort of acid regurgitation, indigestion and heartburn...
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Gaviscon Advance Aniseed 300ml
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Model: G0060
Gaviscon Advance Original Liquid helps provide powerful, fast, effective relief from symptoms associated with heartburn and indigestion.A high strength aniseed flavoured suspension providing fast relief of acid reflux and heartburn associated with indigestion. Working by forming a protective layer a..
KSh 2,300
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Gaviscon Advance Aniseed150ML
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Model: G0059
Gaviscon Advanced Aniseed flavor Oral suspension for the relief from heartburn and indigestion. Extra strength formula forms a protective layer that floats on top of the stomach contents. This layer prevents reflux and keeps the stomach contents away from the lining of the food pipe to rel..
KSh 1,900
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Gaviscon Double Action Liquid Peppermint 300ML
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Model: G0545
Gaviscon Plus Liquid Peppermint 300ml acts fast to bring long-lasting relief from heartburn and acid indigestion. It works by neutralising stomach acid and forming a barrier over stomach contents to quickly soothe the burning...
KSh 2,400
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Model: G0611
Gaviscon Double Action Mixed Berries Oral Suspension for heartburn & indigestionSee details below, always read the labelSuitable for:Adults&12 years+Heartburn & indigestionFast effective reliefLasts up to 4 hoursSodium alginateCalcium carbonateSodium hydrogen carbonate..
KSh 1,700
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Model: G0263
Gaviscon Double Action Chewable Tablets help to provide fast, long lasting effective relief from symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion.What is Acid Reflux?Acid reflux is a common problem that many people experience at least once. It happens when excess stomach acid tries to travel upwards from ..
KSh 1,300
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Model: G0076
Gaviscon Peppermint liquid relief brings fast, long lasting relief from pain and discomfort of heartburn and acid indigestion. Can be used to treat gastric reflux.Gaviscon Peppermint liquid belongs to a group of medicines called reflux suppressants, helping to provide relief from heartburn and acid ..
KSh 900
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Model: G0435
Gaviscon Peppermint Chewable Tablets help to provide fast, long lasting effective relief from symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion.A peppermint flavoured chewable tablet provides fast relief from symptoms of acid indigestion and heartburn, such as pain and discomfort. Gaviscon tablets work by ..
KSh 900
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Model: N0699
Nexium Control are ideal for treating short term relief of acid reflux symptoms, such as heartburn & regurgitation) in adults.Nexium contains the active substance esomeprazole and provide the short term relief of acid reflux. Reflux is the backflow of acid from the stomach into the foodpipe, whi..
KSh 2,400
Ex Tax:KSh 2,400
Model: R0351
Rennie Liquid Heartburn Relief oral suspension provides fast, soothing relief from Heartburn & Indigestion.The liquid forms a protective layer on top of the stomach contents to prevent stomach acid escaping into the food pipe, which causes pain and discomfort. The liquid can be taken day or nigh..
KSh 1,500
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Model: R0054
Rennie Peppermint Flavour Tablets Is An Antacid Tablet Which Quickly Relieves Indigestion, Heartburn, Acid Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Hyperacidity, Nervous Indigestion, Flatulence, Upset Stomach, Indigestion During Pregnancy And Biliousness. Suitable ForAdults And Children Aged 12 Years And Over...
KSh 500
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