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27 Feb The Itch You Can't Scratch: Understanding and Overcoming the Challenges of Eczema
Wanyama 0 381
Eczema, a skin condition affecting millions of people worldwide, can be frustrating and sometimes debilitating. From constant itching and discomfort to unsightly rashes and scars, eczema can affect physical and emotional health. But what if I told yo..
03 Dec How to order on
Gathongo 1 415
Shopping on Pharmaplus is convenient and easy. Our website, is accessible on your Android or iOS phone, a computer or any other internet-enabled device. This means that wherever you are in Kenya, you are able to order the health, bea..
03 Dec Where To Find Us:  PharmaPlus Pharmacy Locations
Gathongo 0 4416
Since June 2008, Pharmaplus Pharmacy has been growing and expanding immensely, emerging as the best-selling and most loved Pharmacy in Kenya. Starting with one location in Nairobi, we now boast 54 physical branches spread all across the country. Prov..
03 Dec Why Order at PharmaPlus
Gathongo 0 764
PharmaPlus Pharmacies provides care solutions to patients and customers all across Kenya. Through our diverse product offerings across health, beauty, wellness, nutrition, mother and baby care: we help thousands of customers live happy and healthy li..
17 Oct 5 Different Skin Types and How to Care For Each One of Them
Wanyama 10 936
5 Different Skin Types and How to Care For Each One of ThemDo you know your skin type? Do you know how to care for it? Like any other part or organ on your body, the skin is essential and needs to be taken care of strictly. Therefore it's crucially i..
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