New Year's goals, which are commonly known as resolutions, are personal goals or objectives that people set for themselves at the start of a new year. And 2023 is no different. These goals are often related to self-improvement, such as losing weight, reducing stress, or learning a new skill.

Some of you make New Year's goals as a way to reflect on the past year and set intentions for the year ahead. Others see the start of a new year as an opportunity to make positive changes in their lives and achieve their goals. Many people find it helpful to write down their New year's goals and make a plan for how to achieve them.

This can involve setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, as well as seeking support and accountability from others.

That is why this year Pharmaplus wants to be part of this journey with you. And that is why we are asking that you share your 2023 goals, and we will help you achieve them! 

But before we look at how PharmaPlus can partake in On this safari with you, let's look at some of the goals people commonly set.

The Most Common New Year Goals People Set

 Here are some common New Year's goals that people set:

1. Lose weight and get in shape

2. Quit smoking or reduce tobacco use

3. Reduce stress and improve mental health

4. Save money and reduce debt

5. Learn a new skill or hobby

6. Get organized and declutter

7. Volunteer and give back to the community

8. Travel and see new places

9. Get a promotion or new job

10. Spend more time with family and friends

11. Improve relationships and communication with loved ones

12. Get a better education or degree

13. Start a business or side hustle

14. Reduce consumption and live a more sustainable lifestyle

15. Read more and expand your knowledge

All these goals are very achievable but you must be in great shape for this to happen. You have to be healthy both in body and mind, you must have good looks in terms of glowing skin and much more. 

If you are wondering how to go about this.

How Can Health Providers Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals


Healthcare providers, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, can help you achieve your New Year's goals in several ways:


1. Providing guidance and recommendations: Healthcare providers can offer advice on how to reach your goals, such as recommending a specific exercise plan for weight loss or suggesting strategies for quitting smoking.

2. Monitoring progress: Healthcare providers can help you track your progress and adjust your goals as needed. For example, a doctor might suggest regular check-ins to monitor your weight loss or help you set realistic expectations for quitting smoking.

3. Offering support and encouragement: Healthcare providers can provide emotional support and encouragement to help you stay motivated and on track with your goals.

4. Referring you to resources: Healthcare providers can connect you with other resources, such as support groups or online resources that can help you achieve your goals.

5. Providing treatment: In some cases, healthcare providers may be able to provide treatment or medication to help you reach your goals. For example, a doctor might prescribe a medication to help with weight loss or recommend therapy to reduce stress.

It's important to remember that healthcare providers can be a valuable resource in helping you achieve your New Year's goals. At Pharmaplus we offer the above and more just reach out and we will be there to assist you to make the right choices to stay healthy and in great shape to achieve your goals.  


How a Beautician Help You Achieve Your Goal to Look Good

Most people have issues with self-esteem because of their appearance. That doesn’t have to be the case in 2023. At Pharmaplus we have qualified beauticians who will not only teach you how to do your makeup but will also advise you on regular skincare routines so you can build your confidence pap! Here are some of the ways that a beautician can help you achieve your goals to look good in 2023:


1. Providing recommendations: our beauticians offer recommendations on products and treatments that can help you achieve your desired look.

2. Providing makeup application services: They help you choose and apply makeup that complements your natural beauty and helps you achieve your desired look.

3. Offering skincare treatments: They recommend and provide skincare treatments, such as facials and exfoliation that can help improve the appearance of your skin.

4. Providing advice on self-care: They offer advice on how to take care of your skin, hair, and overall appearance at home, including recommending products and routines that can help you maintain your desired look.

It's important to remember that a beautician can provide valuable guidance and services to help you achieve your goal to look good, but ultimately the responsibility for maintaining and improving your appearance lies with you. Remember to check out our website for more on beauty products and to talk to a beautician on standby.


The Main Services Provided at Pharmaplus Pharmacies

At Pharmaplus we offer a range of services to customers. Some of the main services provided by Pharmaplus pharmacies include:


1. Dispensing Prescription Medicines: We fill prescriptions for medications that are prescribed by doctors and other healthcare providers.
2. Providing Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medications: At Pharmaplus pharmacies carry a variety of OTC medications for common ailments, such as headaches, colds, and flu.
3. Offering Free Consultation Services: We offer free consultation services to help customers better understand and manage their medications. This may include reviewing medications for potential interactions, providing information on proper dosage and administration, and answering questions about side effects.
4. Providing Free BP & Sugar Tests: At Pharmaplus pharmacies, we offer free services such as free blood sugar tests, and blood pressure tests, to help customers stay in check with their health and be better placed to fight against illness.
5. Providing Health and Wellness Tests and Products: Pharmaplus pharmacies provides a variety of health and wellness products, such as vitamins, supplements, and natural remedies. Also, we do BMI and VITASTICK tests to ensure that you have the right weight and the required amount of vitamins in your body for top-notch functionality. 
6. Offering Beauty And Personal Care Products: Our esteemed beauticians at Pharmaplus pharmacies help you to understand our wide variety of carrying beauty and personal care products, such as skincare and hair care products. So that you get the right products for your skincare routine. 
7. Providing Customer Service: Pharmaplus typically have highly trained staff available to answer customer questions and provide assistance with product selection and other needs. All you have to do is walk into any of our 55 outlets or call and we will be at your service!

2023 New Year’s Goals

We all have goals whether they are New Year’s or not but as agreed above we need to be in top shape for us to achieve them. Therefore if you are one person who wants to achieve your goals this year then ensure that you are in good health. Also, be clear on what you want to achieve and plan on how to execute it. 

At Pharmaplus, we are just a phone call away! Remember the world is heading the supplement way. Why don’t you join the band wagon to a healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle? 

We are here for you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!