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23 Jan All you Need to Know About sunburns: causes and management
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WHAT IS A SUNBURNA sunburn is a form of skin irritation caused by overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. It occurs when the skin is exposed to more UV radiation than it can handle, causing the skin cells to become damaged. Sunburns can be p..
23 Jan All You Need To Know About Acne
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All You Need To Know About AcneLet’s talk about ACNE! I call it a self-esteem stealer. Some of us left acne behind when we left our teenage hood, some of us never lost it while some of us were found by acne in adulthood. It's not easy to sort out and..
16 Jan Which Are the Best AHAs That Dermatologists Recommend
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Which Are the Best AHAs That Dermatologists RecommendBecause of their exfoliating and skin-smoothing properties, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a class of water-soluble compounds that are frequently included in skincare products. Glycolic acid, lac..
16 Jan Cervical Cancer: Causes Symptoms and Treatment
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Cervical Cancer: Causes Symptoms and TreatmentThe cervix, the bottom portion of the uterus that attaches to the vagina, is the part affected by cervical cancer. It is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection. If dete..
16 Jan 2023 Goals: Share Your New Year Goals Lets Help You Achieve Them
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New Year's goals, which are commonly known as resolutions, are personal goals or objectives that people set for themselves at the start of a new year. And 2023 is no different. These goals are often related to self-improvement, such as losing weight,..
03 Dec How to order on
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Shopping on Pharmaplus is convenient and easy. Our website, is accessible on your Android or iOS phone, a computer or any other internet-enabled device. This means that wherever you are in Kenya, you are able to order the health, bea..
03 Dec Where To Find Us:  PharmaPlus Pharmacy Locations
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Since June 2008, Pharmaplus Pharmacy has been growing and expanding immensely, emerging as the best-selling and most loved Pharmacy in Kenya. Starting with one location in Nairobi, we now boast 54 physical branches spread all across the country. Prov..
03 Dec Why Order at PharmaPlus
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PharmaPlus Pharmacies provides care solutions to patients and customers all across Kenya. Through our diverse product offerings across health, beauty, wellness, nutrition, mother and baby care: we help thousands of customers live happy and healthy li..
18 Oct How to Choose the Best Natural Feminine Wash
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How to Choose the Best Natural Feminine WashHave you ever questioned the need for a special wash for your private parts? We can answer that since we are here. Numerous nerve cells in the skin of the vaginal region react negatively to even the tiniest..
17 Oct 5 Different Skin Types and How to Care For Each One of Them
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5 Different Skin Types and How to Care For Each One of ThemDo you know your skin type? Do you know how to care for it? Like any other part or organ on your body, the skin is essential and needs to be taken care of strictly. Therefore it's crucially i..
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