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Model: C0352
Super sensitive condomsSuper thin-almost like using nothing at allReservoir end for added comfortMade of an elastic premium latexLubricated for maximum comfort..
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durex classic condoms 3s
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Model: D0684
Durex Classic Condoms are classic & easy-to-wear condoms that provide confidence and safety during sexual intercourse. ..
KSh 240
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Model: D1059
Transparent condoms from natural rubber latex which are slightly thicker for extra security. With lubricant...
KSh 1,900
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Model: D0350
Durex Extra Safe Condoms have an extra lubricated slightly thicker easy-on shape for greater comfort.  They are easy-on shaped and are teat ended for comfort and fit.  In fact, they are shaped to follow your shape for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.   Made from transpar..
KSh 400
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Model: D1173
Made with slightly thicker latex and extra lubrication.Extra safe, easy-on, teat ended, smooth shape...
KSh 1,300
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Model: D0351
Durex Fetherlite condoms, that while still providing the same high level of reassurance and protection, they are shaped to be easier to put on and provide a sleek fit and feeling during sex...
KSh 400
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Model: D0352
Durex, the world's leading condom brand, with over 75 years of quality experience.Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms are super thin for exceptional sensitivity...
KSh 400
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Model: D1249
Turn up the intensity with Durex Intense, the perfect condom for giving her ultimate pleasure! These ribbed and dotted natural rubber latex condoms are coated with Desirex gel to deliver intense waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations in her intimate areas.Each easy-on condom provides..
KSh 1,500
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Model: D1060
INTIMATE FEEL- this is a fine condom with extra lubrication which aims to heighten sensitivity and increase your sexual pleasure..
KSh 2,050
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Durex Latex Free Condoms 12`S
Out Of Stock
Model: D1247
Redesigned, fresh new packaging, however, don’t worry, your favourite condoms inside the box are still exactly the same DUREX LATEX-FREE CONDOMS FOR PEACE OF MIND AND PLEASURE – Condoms made from synthetic polyisoprene, a latex-free alternative for a smooth sensual experience FOR THE LATEX SENSITIVE..
KSh 2,050
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Model: D1248
Durex Naturals Condoms Are Designed For Her. Coated With A Waterbased Lubricant Made From 98% Natural Origin Ingredientsfree From Artificial Colourants Flavoursthin As Our Original Thin Feel Condom...
KSh 1,500
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Model: D0674
Durex Love Sex 12 Condoms with a pleasure-fit design to follow your shape for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Also ribbed and dotted for extra stimulation. ..
KSh 1,700
Ex Tax:KSh 1,700
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