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Model: D1183
A supreme barbershop style shaving cream formulated to soften and hydrate providing maximum glide and comfort. Infused with organic ginseng, softening avocado oil, stimulating caffeine and soothing Aloe vera juice, this premium shaving cream helps to cushion your glide and prepare your skin for the ..
KSh 1,300
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Model: G0550
Gillette Blue II Plus men's disposable razor has 2 long lasting blades with chromium coating, so you don’t have to change your razor as often. It has a Lubrastrip that provides a smooth glide. The razor features an Easy Grip handle for great manoeuverability.FeaturesLess Razor burn vs. Blue II witho..
KSh 900
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Model: G0551
Gillette Fusion5 Power Razor features soothing Micro-Pulse™ Technology as well as a blade stabilizer that reduces friction. In fact, these additions increase the comfort of each shave!..
KSh 4,090
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Model: G0539
Gillette Fusion 5 Proglide 1Up Flexball Champions League Edition is a particularly gentle razor blade that provides a close shave and leaves the skin soft and non-irritated. All Fusion razor blades fit all Fusion handles, with or without FlexBall Handle technologyProduct info:Particularly gentle raz..
KSh 3,000
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Model: G0292
Engineered with precision cut steel for up to 15 shaves per blade. 3 blades for a classic smooth shave. Long-lasting mega lubrication strip. Stronger-than-steel blades stay sharper for longer (vs. Sensor3). Up to 4 months of shaves per pack.The Gillette Mach3 Turbo men?s razor blade refills are engi..
KSh 2,500
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Model: M0540
Enjoy a razor-less shave with this Softsheen Carson Magic Regular Strength Shaving Powder. It was specifically formulated for use by black men in order to stop any occurrence of razor bumps. The product includes a depilatory formula that is capable of temporarily removing any unwanted hair from your..
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Model: M0606
A Shaving powder (depilatory) formulated especially for Black Men to help stop razor bumps. Skin Conditioning formula contains Aloe and Vitamin E. A Shaving powder (depilatory) formulated especially for Black Men to help stop razor bumps. Skin Conditioning formula contains Aloe and Vitamin E. A Shav..
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Model: M0605
Helps stop razor bumpsDaily cream treatmentFor men of all skin types..
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Model: M0348
SHAVING PRODUCTS: We make an array of products for all beard types & shaved heads, including razorless depilatory creams & powders to prevent razor bumps, plus exfoliating cleansers & moisturizers.FOR MENS' GROOMING NEEDS: From shaving to hair color, pomade and hair moisturizer, find the..
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