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Foot Care

Model: A0623
Medtextile Ankle Support Light Fixation-L Provide delicate fixation and compression of the talocrural joint.It aids in curing traumas of the joints, arthritis. In addition, it protects sprain ligaments at the rehabilitation stage after plaster dressing removal.Also, it prevents dislocation.Features:..
KSh 900
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Model: B0742
Effectively repairs soften and hydrate dry, rough and cracked skin on heels, knees, feet, ankles, elbows or any part of the body where dryness occurs...
KSh 1,000
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Model: S1121
Treats multiple cornsVisible results can be seen within 5 daysSuitable for hard corns on the top of toes and balls of the feetEffective and fast acting..
KSh 1,300
Ex Tax:KSh 1,300
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