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Medigenix Blood Monitor

Medigenix Blood Monitor
Medigenix Blood Monitor
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This blood pressure monitor can quickly indicate any irregularities. With the irregular heart beat indicator and WHO (World Health Organisation) hypertension risk indicator, you are sure to know if there is something of concern. It can be used on many people with the generous universal cuff of 22-42cm. There is also the ability to store two peoples readings on the monitor with up to 60 readings each, which is super handy to keep track of any changes. Included is a useful storage bag and batteries so it's good to go when it arrives at your door. 

There is no doubt the MediGenix Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is the best value for money and the monitor of choice. 


How to use:

Before you start, remove clothing from the arm area. Rest for a minimum of 3 minutes before testing. 

1. Sit down at a table, in a relaxed environment and rest your arm on a firm surface with your feet flat on the floor.

2. Apply the cuff to your upper left arm so that the tube is going downwards towards your ring finger. Insert the plug into the opening on the monitor.

3. Press the START/STOP button to start testing. 

4. The cuff will start to inflate up to 190mmHg and then slowly deflate. Do not move or speak during this time. 

5. When the test is complete, 3 short beeps will sound and then the reading will display on the screen.

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