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Allergy Eye Drops

Model: M0619
Murine dry & tired eye drops are for dry, tired or overworked eyes, containing two lubricants to help hydrate, refresh and replenish eyes.Murine dry & tired eye drops helps to soothe away any discomfort and alleviating symptoms caused by environmental factors and they provide soothing comfor..
KSh 900
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Model: M0841
Murine Hayfever Relief Eye Drops relieves and treats itchy, sore and watery eyes associated with hayfever.A prescription strength solution that contains an active ingredient to actively relieve and treat itchy, red, sore and watery eyes affected by allergic conditions like hayfever.Murine Relief wil..
KSh 1,000
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Model: O0148
Onazin eye drops is a decongestant used to relieve redness in the eyes caused by minor eye irritations. Tetrahydrazoline 0.05% eye drops are used to whiten the eye and relieve minor eye irritations caused by; colds, hay fever, dust, smock, sun, wind and swimming. Onazin eye drops are used in the man..
KSh 500
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Model: O0212
Optrex Allergy 2% w/v Eye Drops help to soothe and prevent itchy, allergy eyes, including redness, watery eyes and itching eyes in individuals suffering from hayfever or other allergies.Optrex eye drops effectively treats red, itchy eyes often associated with hayfever and other eye allergies.Pollen,..
KSh 1,600
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Model: O0635
Optrex Bloodshot Eye Drops.. These drops are just the thing to provide relief to help soothe eyes against bloodshot and other minor eye irritations.A soothing eye drop which can relieve bloodshot eyes and minor eye irritations.If you have been in a dusty or smokey atmosphere, got eye strain or been ..
KSh 1,350
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Model: O0216
Optrex Brightening Eye Drops For Dull Eyes help to put the dazzle into eyes that lack zest or sparkle.Optrex Brightening Eye Drops gently revieve the brightness of your eyes, for extra whiteness and dazzling results.These eye drops leave your eyes looking and feeling beautiful.Contains natural plant..
KSh 1,350
Ex Tax:KSh 1,350
Model: O0840
Optrex Intensive Eye Drops For Dry Eyes provide long lasting relief to help to rehydrate and lubricate your eyes.Optrex Dry Eyes Lubricating Eye Drops have been specially developed to lubricate the eyes, providing fast and lasting relief for dry, irritated and tired eye.These eye drops are safe to u..
KSh 1,200
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Model: O0222
Optrex Soothing Eye drops for itchy eyes contains Aqua,Hamamelis Virgina Alcohol, and Boric Acid. Also, it has other elements such as Glycerine,Sodium Borate and Benzalkonium Chloride. The drug relieves irritation caused by pollen, pet hair & dust mites. Before using, gently cleanse the eye’s su..
KSh 1,600
Ex Tax:KSh 1,600
Model: O0223
Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash helps soothe, cleanse and wash your tired, irritated and uncomfortable eyes.Modern living can leave our eyes feeling tired, uncomfortable or irritated. Computer use, air conditioning and irritants such as dust, grit or smoke can damage the surface of the eye leaving it i..
KSh 1,500
Ex Tax:KSh 1,500
Model: O0634
Optrex Refreshing Eye Drops For Tired Eyes are specially formulated to help refresh and revitalise your eyes when tired.Driving, computer use, air conditioning, central heating and smoke can make your eyes feel tired and uncomfortable. This eye drop, which contains natural plant extracts, can both r..
KSh 1,300
Ex Tax:KSh 1,300
Model: O0225
Optrex Sore Eye Drops are cooling and soothing, just the thing to bring effective relief to your eyes when you need it most.Staring at a computer screen, driving long distances close work or just in a dusty smoky atmoshphere? These are all conditions that can cause your eyes to feel sore and irritat..
KSh 1,250
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Model: P0877
Pollenase Allergy Eye Mist 10mlAn eye drop which effectively treats red, itchy eyes often associated with Hay fever and other eye allergies...
KSh 1,400
Ex Tax:KSh 1,400
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