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First Aid

Model: B0052
Ballet Mosquito Repellent Jelly is a botanical Mosquito repellent that works both as a barrier and a mask. Apply this fine Petroleum base works by releasing active ingredients into the surrounding air, masking the smell of your breath and your body. Best when applied on exposed areas such as your an..
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Model: B0054
Ballet Mosquito Repellant Lotion 130ml is a botanical Mosquito repellent and sting reliever. It contains cocoa butter and vitamin E. This super-smart lotion works both as a barrier and a mask. Apply directly to the exposed area such as the ankles, wrists and neck. It immediately forms a physical bar..
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Dr  J Natural Insect Repellent Gel 100ml
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Model: D0925
Deet FreeSoothing to the skinNatural but effective repellentSuitable for all the FamilyCarefully formulated to keep the body protected against biting insects...
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Model: E0507
It can also be used for chronic wounds and postoperative wound care as per your doctor’s instructions. It also helps to remove crusts or clotted dressings. It is free of alcohol and does not cause stinging during the application or dry the skin. This Wound Spray is a pain-free and effective way to c..
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Model: J0130
Jungle Formula maximum pump insect repellent is a non-aerosol pump spray with 50% DEET and plant extracts for maximum protection that lasts for long. Insect repellent for long haul travellers, malaria risk areas and those wanting that extra protection.Up to 9 hours insect repellent protection from m..
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Model: S0212
Sea-Band’s are acupressure wrist bands that are clinically proven to relieve nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness in addition to helping with post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea.  They are completely drug free and non invasive.They work by applying pressure on the P6 or Nei-K..
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sea band travel wrist adult
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Model: S0702
The original wristband for sea sickness, although it is equally effective for travel sickness or motion sickness of any kind. It can also help with the nausea experienced during chemotherapy.The Sea Band is a knitted elasticated wrist band and it works by applying gentle pressure to the Ne..
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Model: T0232
Ideal for extreme tropical conditions and family travel, Trek Ultra is a great alternative to our now withdrawn Trek 100 mosquito repellent. Read more about the reasons behind the removal of Trek 100 here. To make sure we still offer the best repellents on the market, our scientists have developed t..
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