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Code: 50008
55H+ Excellent Efficacy (Efficacite Extreme) is a moisturising and scented lightening Body Lotion.This new formula makes it a very high quality product, very effective in lightening and fading dark spots. For treatment or scars, sun blemishes, ageing spots, pregnancy blemishes.Result: A lighter even..
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Code: 50007
55H+ Harmonie Reparateur Multi Vitamin Strong Lotion with Carrot Oil - 500mlDESCRIPTION: Harmonie Reparateur 55H+ is a mult-vitamin lotion which is a treat for all skin types. It is packed with the best ingredients: Nourishing Elego Phyto Naturel, Vitamins and moisturizing agents. This rich car..
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Code: A0994
Acnes Moisturising Cream with SPF27 is highly moisturising and hydrates the skin while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.It contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps retain moisture in the skin and maintain cell structure by utilizing its high water retention capability.The amino acid nourishes and..
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Code: A0026
Used as a post acne treatmentWash your skin with creamy wash, then apply soothing toner and finish with the scar care to prevent recurrence of acneFades dark spots and heals acne scars..
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Code: A0027
Acnes sealing Gel is a transparent gel that penetrates deep into the pores & kills acne causing bacteria. It helps reduce the size of pimple and  soothes redness on the acne prone skin. Prevents further breakouts due to anti-bacterial factor.  Has Vitamin E & B6  that help&nbs..
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Code: A0740
American Dream Cocoa Butter Cream with Vitamin E is an ultra-moisturising all over body butter. It melts in to the skin to soften and moisturise even the roughest, driest skin to leave it silky soft and smooth. Healing Vitamin E also makes this ideal for preventing and smoothing away ..
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Code: A1080
Infused with Lemon essential oil, leaving skin intensely moisturised and glowing.Skin brightening and fade out cocoa butter solid Complex with lemon oilAntioxidant and anti-inflammatoryKojic Acid – brightens and treats sun damage, scars and age spotsLiquorice – brightens and soothes irritationLemon ..
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Code: A1151
American Dream's ultra moisturising Cocoa Butter Lemon hand & body cream in a convenient 100g travel size tubeFormulated with Vitamin E and Aloe - soothes sunburnUltra rich formula that intensely moisturises leaving even the most rough, dry skin silky and smoothIdeal for preventing stretch marks..
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Code: A0844
Astral is all the intense moisturising care your skin needsThe nourishing and protective formula is so effective, its never had to change200ml for at home and travel..
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Code: A0680
Astral is all the intense moisturising care your skin needs The nourishing and protective formula is so effective, its never had to change 500ml big value, long-lasting pot for the bathroom shelf Indications ASTRAL - THE SIMPLE ALL-OVER MOISTURISER FOR ALL YOUR SKIN NEEDS. ASTRAL LOCKS IN THE SKIN'S..
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Code: A1018
Create a healthy foundation for your skin with this anti-aging daily face moisturizer. It infuses your skin with an exclusive blackberry complex and vitamins C & E, and locks in moisture. Formulated with broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, it also provides protection against harmful UVA/UVB ra..
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Code: A0535
Moisturizing and nourishing, non-greasy, fast-absorbing cream perfect for moisturizing children's skin for 24 hours and protecting it from dryness. It can be used daily to keep children's skin soft, smooth and healthy.Formulated with colloidal oats, which helps strengthen the skin barrier.Suitable f..
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