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Code: A0024
It works effectively to fade dark spots and blemishes left by burnt skin.Acts on the skin to fade away scars, lumpy skin and tighten large pores.Enhances the skin elasticity and firmness.Goes deep into the skin for efficient fading of scars and dark spots.Safe and suitable for all skin types for a f..
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Code: A0480
Acnes creamy wash is formulated with herbal and synthetics components that work in synergy to cleanse acne-prone skin and kill micro-organisms. This formulation removes dust and dirt, killing acnegenic bacteria present deep in the pores. It is fortified with vitamin C and E both acting as antioxidan..
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Code: A0472
Used in cleaning face by removing excessive oil and dirt that blocks the poreKills acne-genic bacteria in the poresContains vitamin C and E that nourishes and moisturizes the skin Acne Cream wash Cleanses to effectively remove dirt and oil impurities. It is formulated with Olive extract, Vitami..
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Code: A1124
Acnes Anti-acne Daily Cleansing Soap is perfectly formulated to protect the skin against pimple causing bacteria while providing the skin with necessary moisture and nourishment. Anti- bacterial- Protects the skin against acne causing bacteria and breakouts Moisturising- Enriched with..
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Code: A0994
Acnes Moisturising Cream with SPF27 is highly moisturising and hydrates the skin while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.It contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps retain moisture in the skin and maintain cell structure by utilizing its high water retention capability.The amino acid nourishes and..
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Code: A0026
Used as a post acne treatmentWash your skin with creamy wash, then apply soothing toner and finish with the scar care to prevent recurrence of acneFades dark spots and heals acne scars..
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Code: A0027
Acnes sealing Gel is a transparent gel that penetrates deep into the pores & kills acne causing bacteria. It helps reduce the size of pimple and  soothes redness on the acne prone skin. Prevents further breakouts due to anti-bacterial factor.  Has Vitamin E & B6  that help&nbs..
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Code: A0473
Acnes soothing toner controls excessive sebum and effectively cures/ prevents pimple. It tightens skin pores and restores moisture to make skin clear & bright...
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Code: A0538
Information about Acnes Treatment SetDescription:It has acnes creamy wash, Acnes soothing toner, and acnes sealing gel.1. Acnes Creamy WashMentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash besides removing dirt and dust also helps in killing acnegenic bacteria present in the deep pores of skin. Acne treatment creamy fa..
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Code: A0663
Product DescriptionBrightens SkinHeals ScarsFades out dark sporesTake care of post acne period by regenerating the pimple affected cells and makes it healthy, bright & perfect Skin has natural regeneration capability. But cell regeneration is often affected by pimples, pollutants and bacteria. E..
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Code: A0998
Nature keeps no secrets, especially when it comes to Organic Aloe Vera, which is widely renowned as one of the most incredible natural soothers for overworked, stressed or sun-exposed skin.Enriched with nourishing Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and a host of revitalising vitamins, this ..
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Code: O0176
Organic Aloe vera juice can be an efficient natural soother for overworked, stressed or dry skin. Enriched with avocado, jojoba and a host of revitalising vitamins, this unique formulation can provide a long-lasting shield, offering essential protection, rehydration and soothing relief.Suitable for ..
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